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Million Dollar Movies

Nov 28, 2018

Dan and Bob discuss Orson Welles' masterpiece Touch of Evil (1958), a film about cops on the Mexican-American border solving a crime that appears to be tied to organized crime. Other topics: racism, murder, Orson Welles' weight, Blowout, Get Carter, and Citizen Kane.

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Nov 21, 2018

Bob and Dan discuss the nearly silent Japanese masterpiece The Naked Island (1960). The film follows a family of four as they irrigate and harvest wheat on an island alone. It sounds boring, but it's enthralling! Other topics discussed: Jews who like hockey, marriage, comedy, TV, raising kids, and thrillers.

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Nov 14, 2018

Bob and Dan discuss Sam Fuller's 1953 crime drama/romance/anti-anti-communist film, Pickup on South Street (1953). A pickpocket steals from the wrong purse and winds up in possession of a film negative the Russians desperately want. Other topics include: heroes, bad film critics, the French, and money.

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Nov 7, 2018

Bob and Dan discuss one of the great auteurs of French cinema, Jean-Pierre Melville, and his crime drama Le Doulos (1962). Other topics discussed: The Code, drugs, the French veneration of movies, and tragedy.

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